Trade and Marketing


Trade and Marketing

Only 19 % of products are marketed in Lithuania; the rest are exported to France, Germany, Benelux countries, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Czech republic, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Australia and other destinations.


Most European Union trade is conducted via subsidiaries: Litfert SARL in France and Belgium, Liteximp Sp.zo.o in Poland, Agro Baltic GmbH in Germany and Netherlands, Agrochema in the Baltics. In Scandinavia, fertilizers are marketed directly to farmer cooperative societies. In other markets, fertilizers are sold to wholesalers with the best domestic market expertise.

LITFERT™ - a registered Achema trademark from 1995 is well known and recognised in Western European markets. In 2005 the trademark registration was extended throughout the European Union. Recognition of LITFERT™ trademark is an excellent outcome of targeted and efficient Achema marketing strategy campaign, and also a successful result of communication between producer, product and the customer.

LithAN™ - registered trademark for ammonium nitrate marketed in United Kingdom, where the product is highly valued by local farmers.

Liquid compound fertilizers Sogeda™, Gabija™ and Daiga™ are well known in Lithuanian and the neighbouring Baltic markets.