Social responsibility


Social responsibility

The Company’s responsibility is implemented through regular activities performed in this field:
1. Environment protection (precautionary measures, responsible activities and action plan, internal and external control, new technologies).
2. Relations with employees (protection of human rights, quality of the work place, equal opportunities).
3. Responsible activity on the market (product liability, relations with clients, quality assurance, participation in the activity of associations).
4. Relations with communities (partnership, cooperation, support).

Protection of the environment

In all of its activities, AB “Achema” uses innovative means, the best available production technologies and processes that help to reduce the environmental impact, encourage the rational management and use of resources, reduce the costs and generated waste and plan the development in view of the aspects of possible environmental impact. The company is particularly focused on the modernization of facilities and regularly improves its technologies in order to minimize the impacts.


“To keep people” is one of the principal priorities of the company, because without them even the most modern equipment will be useless. Therefore, to be attractive and the best place of employment in the region is one of the principles of company’s activity.

Approx. 17% of the local residents of employable age work at the company and its branches. We continue traditions and work with families. The knowledge and experience are passed simply to the dynasties: from grandparents – to parents, children and grandchildren.

All Achema employees constantly develop qualification and get all the necessary work certificates at the expense of the company. Internal training, participation in various projects for qualification development ensures a continuous education process within the company. For that purpose Achema closely cooperates with Kaunas University of Technology and Jonava Polytechnic School.

The Company also offers opportunities to build a successful career. Achema Human Resource department outlines career plans for every employee. It's essential for us that every employee is satisfied and motivated by having a maximum possibility to realise skills and develop qualification. The Company strongly believes that further education and qualification improvement programmes available to every employee help to build loyalty.

In 2012, at the National Responsible Business Award ceremony Achema won a nomination of Employer of the Year; which proved our responsible approach to business environment, constant attention to employees, their families and the community.

Collective agreement between employees and the Company is revised annually; this tradition is a result of a long-term productive cooperation between trade unions and the management. Collective agreement secures additional social benefits for all Achema employees.

Every year Achema employees not only enjoy themselves at a traditional corporate summer team-building event for professionals, but also at a special winter event come to honour company veterans, that have worked at Achema for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and even 45 years.  
Retired veterans of Achema unite in a club of Chemists veterans. Club members are actively involved in social, cultural and educational activities, organize meeting and trips. The Club has its own choir and performs at various events. Sports club Achespo provides the employees of the Company and its affiliates with numerous sport activities and events, and also offers a wide range of wellness programmes to employees and their families.


Ensuring of safety at work is one of the top priorities of the company. To ensure health and safety at work, the company implements occupational health and safety management system which is regularly improved. The regular emergency training is conducted. We take care of the education of our consumers as regards safe and responsible behavior when using our production.

Public responsibility

AB “Achema” considers its social economic impact and support, as well as relations with communities it operates in to be the important priority of its responsible activities.

In its strategic plan, AB “Achema” has stipulated that in its daily business practices it seeks more than it is actually stipulated by the legal acts for the social, environmental, and transparency fields, i.e. it ensures the interests of socially sensitive groups, social responsibility, cooperates with social partners, communities, undertakes projects that contribute to the improvement of the environment protection.

AB “Achema” is an integral part of Jonava and Kaunas Region communities which is not only willing to cooperate in realization of public cultural, social or educational projects, but also is a frequent initiator of such projects. Since 2010, the Company has maintained constant dialogue with Jonava District Municipality, Youth Public Organizations’ Union “Round Table” and other organizations. 2-3 meetings with active NGOs are organized each year.

By cooperating with these groups of interests, the company identifies the needs of the community and plans the projects for the future. The cooperation conditions are defined by the annual plan of activities which stipulates all joint projects and activities with local community organizations, public authorities, seniors’ club, and foster home establishments.
Due to its impact to the community, AB “Achema” is constantly cooperating with the specialists of Jonava District Municipality and participates in planning processes and work groups. The Company submits proposals for its contribution to the improvement of the conditions of the local community.

Partnerships with and Sponsorship of Local Communities

AB “Achema” is the largest sponsor of the region. The support funds are first of all directed to the support of cultural, infrastructure, health, and social security projects in Jonava Region where the company is operating. The sum of over 170 thousand euros has been allocated to the organizations of Jonava District. Consistent dialogues and regular partnership with local communities means a cooperation which creates mutual useful value. The company organizes quarterly meetings with elderships and communities during which they present the company’s issues and plans and also holds discussions with local residents. Four meetings were organized in 2015.

The company participates in discussions regarding municipality development solutions and actively contributes to the improvement of the urban environment. The sum of over 250 thousand euros was allocated to Jonava Municipality in 2015 (construction of the monument to the public space of the city and cycling route).
The main aim of AB “Achema” charity and support fund is to contribute to the solution of community’s challenges. In 2015, the sum of 17.7 thousand euros was allocated to this fund. The support is still allocated to the families and victims of the “Nitrogen” accident in 1989.

A particular focus is on the group of special needs – former “Achema” employees. The company cooperates with the Chemistry Veterans’ Club. In 2015, support was provided to nine trips of the members of Chemistry Veterans’ Club and co-organization of the exhibition of Jonava and the company. Furthermore, the chorus activity of veterans and organization of activities are supported.

In 2015, publication “Taurosta”, the first yearbook of the culture and history of Jonava Region, was prepared and published together with public organizations.
The goal is to coordinate the activities proposed by all concerned parties and the aims of the company. The fields and priorities of the funding of community projects are discussed annually. The results of cooperation are constantly published by the company and through regional media. Information is provided in the internal magazine, regional press, and other mass information means. The community's proposals are discussed and, if approved, are included in the company's activity plans and budgets.

 Achema financed the construction of bicycle tracks in Jonava, promoting local healthy lifestyle and sports activity possibilities. Achema is a sponsor of Jonava women volleyball team ACHEMA-KKSC, a Lithuanian champion of 2012.
To celebrate the millennium anniversary of Lithuania name Achema built a monument of Abraomas Kulvietis, a prominent man of science, erudite, humanist and one of the founders of Lithuanian written language, who was born in Jonava region in XVI century. A brand new cost-effective and extremely environment friendly bus compliant with EURO 4 standards was a gift from Achema to Jonava city.

Science and Research

To develop innovations in its activity and attract competencies, AB “Achema” develops social partnership with educations institutions. The plan of actions and programme of cooperation with educational institutions have been prepared.

Achema Group is one of the incorporators of KTU Business and Science Valley Santaka. Technical Director of AB “Achema” is the member of the Board of Santaka Valley and the company contributed to the preparation of the cooperation programme.
Productive technology and knowledge exchange takes place with other educational establishments as well, e.g.:
- the traces of heavy metals are periodically detected in urea solution by Physical and Technology Research Center of State Research Institute;
- in the Agrochemical Research Center, the company’s wastewater and groundwater tests are performed, the traces of metals and oil products are tested;
- Forest Institute of A. Stulginskis University periodically conducts research of AB “Achema” long-term impact on forest ecosystem;
- the Lithuanian Energy Institute performs the measurements of the flows of emissions in UKL units and also performed the modelling of distribution of air supplied to the ammonium nitrate granulation tower in 2015.

A constant discussion is held with educational establishments regarding the preparation of necessary employees.

Academic community is provided with conditions for preparation of research, bachelor and master works and doctoral theses, whereas for the company it is a support to research, project and educational activity. The most advanced and motivated students are provided with opportunities to plan and realize their expectations by joining the company’s activities.
Youth PI “Žalioji karta” patronized by AB “Achema” accepts 20 advanced students each year. For three years, they learn how to use computers, the art of communication, psychology, economics, law basics, and foreign languages and are provided with conditions to get ready for the European driver’s license. The students are prepared to hold seven practical tests.

To popularize engineering specialties and in view of the proposals, PI Children and Youth Overall Education Center organized the event for youth “Robotiada”. The company expects that this could be an excellent place of preparation of young specialists. We have actively contributed to the national chemistry competition organized for the students of Jonava Old Town Gymnasium.


To improve the health situation in the communities, a modern echoscope of the value of over 63 thousand euros was donated to PI Jonava Hospital. The services of Achema Health Center are available to the local community as well – 40% of Jonava residents are treated here.

Volunteering and Campaigns

AB “Achema” also promotes vocational volunteering in project “What’s the Use of It?!”. We also organize target career development events. Company’s employees participate in traditional campaigns “Let’s do that”, “Earth Hour”, and donation campaigns.


In 2015, we organized 15 excursions to students and the company was visited by 528 students in total. The excursions to other companies and organizations are also organized according to the enquiries. A person is assigned for the organization of this activity.

We cooperate with Rukla Refugees Reception Center regarding the employment of refugees in the company and also provide consultations.

Membership in organizations

Organization  Membership since
International Fertilizers Industry Association (IFA) 1989
Engineering Ecology Association (EEA) 1995
European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (EFMA) 1997, member of the committee
“Fertilizers Europe” (previously – EFMA)  2003, true member
Lithuanian Association of Chemical Industry Enterprises (LACIE)  1997

The company is also an active participant of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Jonava Branch.

  • In 2015, in the business awards organized by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, AB “Achema” was recognized as the winner in the category “New Industrial Solutions” for its project (AB “Achema” air separation unit) increasing the competitiveness and export opportunities of Lithuania. 
  • For successfully implemented Air Separation Unit Construction Project, Achema Group awarded “Project of the Year” prize to AB “Achema”. 
  • In 2015, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts awarded AB “Achema” for substantial contribution to the community matters. 
  • Knowledge Economy Forum recognized AB “Achema” as the most advantageous traditional production company in 2015. 
  • AB “Achema” constantly participates in the competition “Environmental Achievements” organized by the Ministry of Environment, Engineering Ecology Association, and other institutions. The company received an award for the clear and measurable productive environmental policy, effective use of natural resources, modernization of production units by installing new emission treatment technology, and other improvements. In the Competition of Best Ecology Services (Ecologists) in the Companies of the Country sponsored by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, AB “Achema” Laboratory Control Center was awarded as the best company’s ecology service in 2015.
  • The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists recognized AB “Achema” as the Exporter of 2015 in the category of large companies.
  • In the national responsible business awards (NAVA) which are annually organized by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania, AB “Achema” received the most prestigious award – “Socially Responsible Company 2015”.