01 Jun Solemn Achema’s anniversary united Jonava residents (video)

Events of factory's Jubilee lasted all week - they included various cultural activities, exhibitions of photography, entertainment activities. The week culminated by the final anniversary event, during which a sculpture dedicated to commemorate memory of Bronislovas Lubys, one of the most prominent Lithuanian businessmen and patron, founder of the concern Achema Group, signatory of the Act of Independence of Lithuania, Jonava Honorary Citizen, Associate Professor of Kaunas University of Technology, honour doctor of Kaunas University of Technology and Klaipeda University.

Alphonse Vaura, author of the sculpture, said that creating this composition, he tried to restore not only the portrait similarity, but also to reveal energy and dynamism of Dr. B. Lubys.

The event was attended by Lydia Lubienė, the main shareholder of concern Achema Group, Audrius Bendaravičius, the Group's economic and financial director, temporary in the position of General Manager, Minister Rimantas Sinkevicius, Professor Vytautas Landsbergis, Jonava mayor Mindaugas Sinkevicius, and many other people well known to public and factory employees.

"During the entire lifetime, we have experienced different situations, we had also failures, but they toughened us. We all were capable to pull up, fix the problem and recover, so we took the lead, saving Achema's reputation and memory of the people who created the company. Today's laws do not pamper us, 50 years of activity shows that the company's foundations are correct and robust. Our people are golden fund"- said Ramunas Miliauskas, General Manager of Achema.

Bikeways renewed at the cost of Achema were officially presented to the public, a symbolic ribbon was cut by R. Miliauskas and Jonava Mayor M. Sinkevicius.

"I want to thank very much for such a beautiful and meaningful gift to the city. I believe that after workdays, on weekends with families, many Jonava citizens will spend their time by cycling and in this path", said M.Sinkevičius after opening of the bikeway.

Jubilee day was followed by the rich evening, during which visitors of Achema festival were enjoying spectacular laser show, listened to country's most popular music artists, and tested themselves in various entertainment that was offered in the city valley.

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