28 May On the occasion of Jubilee – rain of exhibitions

The first event, which marked the celebration of Achema's 50th anniversary was an exhibition in Jonava Region Museum. The author of the layout of the exhibition "Fifty years of hard work and love for Jonava" was Gitana Daugirdiene, the organizer of expositions. 

History Exhibition

In the section of Art located in stands along the walls, the half-century history of the factory, its construction process, growth, as well commitments, results, fascinating and romantic ambitions of the first engineers, heads of plants, present veterans. Factory, whose construction was started in 1962, in 1965 already produced synthetic ammonia, methanol in 1968, urea in 1971, and in 1972, the first nitric acid unit was commissioned.

In the exhibition stands - former and current managers of Achema, the company's everyday life, culture, sports, articles of old-times paper Jonavos Balsas, in which, regardless of then-prevailing ideological pomp, we find the people, who toiled during the first decades, our friends, we observe the origins of current traditions, dynamics of production rates.

„Eyes are attracted by the particularly impressive exhibits - model of tower crane, telephone switchboard with two inter-city lines, bright-colour chemical solutions obtained in laboratories, books, commemorative publications, souvenirs" said the educator Ramune Rugiene by opening the exhibition, recalling that the word "Achema" is inseparable from the word "Jonava" and its citizens.

Former company's General Manager Jonas Sirvydis remembered numerous fun incidents from his working biography, and wished to current managers to be even more aware of the current situation in the company when working in difficult competitive conditions.

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