24 Mar New Achema’s collective agreement – an effective partnership

According to Ramunas Miliauskas, General Manager of the company, the contract was signed for one year instead of two due to complex market situation (uncertain price of natural gas). "It is important that the social partners - employers and trade unions - are able to reach a mutual agreement. I hope this close cooperation and rational solution of outstanding issues will continue", - said the General Manager R.Miliauskas.

One of the long-term traditions of collective agreement is to aim that each new agreement is better than before. Both Dainius Slepetis, chairman of workers' trade union, and Egidijus Budnikas, who leads the workers' union, confirmed that the main criterion, i.e. improvement of the conditions, was achieved. According to the agreements reached, a lot of challenges and changes are waiting in 2015, salary and benefit system should be reviewed and amended.

At present, 645 belong to both Achema's trade unions. In total, Achema currently has 1,456 employees. Birute Daskevicene, Head of trade unions administration, is convinced that both the unions and the company management pursues the same goal to improve the work environment and provide additional social benefits in order to increase employee loyalty and motivation. According to B.Daskevicene, social partnership in such size company as Achema may be called ideal when all stakeholders, including management, trade unions and middle-level managers develop the systematic approach and all parties will fulfil their commitments.

Collective agreements are signed also in following Jonava companies: UAB Iremas, UAB Agrochema, UAB Achempak.

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