21 Feb Medals and sea of flowers for most loyal Achema‘s employees

Achema‘s community becomes the largest flower buyer at the end of February. It is because a solemn ceremony for honouring the veterans of labour is held on the third Friday of February. This celebration was held already for the 31st time at the Jonava cultural centre and more than one hundred and fifty loyal employees of Achema, its affiliates and other divisions of the Concern working in the region for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years were banded with the ethnic ribbons woven by the fellow-folk artist Vytautas Mikštas.

Our aim - to maintain the strength and integrity

Economic and Finance Director Audrius Bendaravičius, temporarily in charge of the General Manager, who has also participated in celebration, has congratulated the veterans, highlighted that 2014 was a challenging year, but rather good year. "The whole Concern earned about 3.7 billion litas revenue, which represents over 3 per cent of Lithuania's gross domestic product. This is really a lot. About two-thirds of the income was earned namely here, in Jonava"- said the guest of the evening.He expressed his satisfaction as well with smaller Group subsidiaries based in Jonava district. Company Achempak, who last year has reached a record throughout its history deserved compliments, Iremas, Transachema other subsidiaries have also achieved good results. By discussing key operational guidelines in 2015, A.Bendaravičius has noted that investments will have to be scheduled for five or ten years ahead, as was done in the past."One of the key objectives si to maintain the Concern solid and strong. That really would have liked its founder Dr. Bronislovas Lubis. I sincerely thank you for the work, contribution, commitment. Your experience, knowledge, wisdom, help and advice is a guarantee of success in Group activities. I wish all the veterans health, strength, energy and happiness" - said A. Bendaravičius.

Pleasant surprise - unique medals 

Celebration guest, the main shareholder of concern Achema Group, member of the Board Lidia Lubienė, warmly congratulated audience, veterans who dedicated 45 years to the company she named as diamond and disclosed that she has a surprise for them.„Based on decision of the Board of charitable foundation of Bronislovas Lubys, I would like to award them each with our established medal. I believe that everyone in their home will find some spot for the medal and will always remember the founder, our longtime leader, rest eternal - President doctor Bronislovas Lubys", - said the honourable guest, handing one of a kind medals forged by sculptor Alfonsas Vaura and bouquets of flowers to the most senior veterans.

Emploee - the biggest asset of the company

Ramunas Miliauskas, General Manager of the company Achema emphasised that "man is the greatest asset of the company." "Without a reliable, honest, competent people, nothing can be done. Thanks to all of you. This traditional celebration provides an opportunity to the company's management to shake each person hand and thank, present some gifts and just enjoy, "- said the manager of Achema.Labour veterans were congratulated by the Lithuanian Transport Minister, Member of Parliament Rimantas Sinkevicius. "I am also Achema‘s veteran, often remember hours and days spent together. I am always concerned and care about success of the company and its employees. I am sure that also in the future Achema and its companies will fare well and stay prosperous" - member of the Government expressed his belief.Mindaugas Sinkevicius, the mayor of Jonava district municipality, has stressed unity of Achema and Municipality: "In May, the company will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and Jonava city this year will celebrate 265th anniversary. We are united by a common half-century history, which laid the foundations for the development of the city and assisted in its growth. We are linked together and one can not live without the other. Many citizens create economic value, pay taxes, are loyal not only to the chemical company, but also to this region - they do not leave our city and do not emigrate to other countries. Thank you all for your hard work and for loving your homeland." 

Sea of loyal employees

Mrs. Lubiene, the main shareholder of the Group, A. Bendaravičius, CEO of the Group, and R. Miliauskas, General Manager of Achema, has shook the hands of every veteran on the stage. By the order of General Manager, for the first time, the name of veteran was given to 36 persons for 20 years of excellent work. They received Grade III Honorary badges, greeting letters, certificates, veteran bands, as well cash rewards.Grade II Honorary badges and other belonging regalia were rewarded to 22 people working in the company for quarter-century.The largest squad (37 persons) consisted of veterans working for three decades in the companies of the concern Achema Group. They were awarded the Ist Degree Honorary badges and other gifts. 35 year labour veterans were get the highest degree of honour badges and all the regalia. This gold fund consisted of 26 employees. For excellent work of forty years, 25 committed individuals were promoted by personalized special ring.

For 45 years of service - special rings

The greatest respect deserved those who have linked their lives with Achema 45 years ago. In this list - only six employees, who has built, created and matured factory of nitrogen fertilizers, which today became one of the biggest companies of concern Achema Group.Still astonished from the surprise of Mrs. L.Lubiene at the beginning of celebration, they were honoured once again. By the order of General Manager of Achema, the personalised gift - a diamond ring, a greeting letter, veteran‘s band as well cash reward were presented to Algirdas Kersis, head of Achema's warehouses, Rima Molyte, manager of „Sveciu namai", Albertas Lukosevicius, electrician of power plant, Romualdas Jonas Bartininkas, former Chief of the ammonium nitrate plant, Stasys Kazukauskas, metalworker of affiliate company Sistematika, and Jonas Usavicius, lathe operator of company Iremas.For all of them, Achema is the only employer, which has become the second home. "We are all strengthened by the philosophy of rest-eternal doctor Bronislovas Lubys, his ability to bring together and a great respect to a person. It has strengthened and hardened character of each individual. Therefore, today we see so many veterans," - reasoned A.Kersis.Veterans were congratulated by known musical bands and soloists, and the entire celebration was cheerily lead by Iruna Puzaraite and TV host Roland Vilkoncius.

Just statistics

During the festival, the 108 Achema labour veterans were honoured. Bands, woven with numbers representing service years, were presented to the 27 employees of company Iremas. Six the most loyal Transachema employees were honoured. Among the squad of labour veterans - 5 representatives of security service "Budrus sakalas". Titles of labour veteran were given to the four employees of Agrochema and one employee of Achempak.

Prepared by the article of I.Naguleviciene in the paper "Achemiečių naujienos"

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