Human Resources


Human Resources

The Company employs more approx 1300 people of various professional backgrounds. Employee skills and experience is a valuable asset of the Company, not to mention loyalty: one third of the employees have been working at Achema for more than 15 years.

Human Resource Indicators 2021

Number of employees 1285
New employment positions 18
Average employee age 46
Proportion of employees with high education 39 %
Employee turnover rate 9 %

Professional, intelligent and constantly developing employees are the basis of successful Achema performance. Employees with higher education in the Company account for 38 percent. After joining the team young professionals are assisted and trained accordingly to quickly integrate to the team. There are also vast further education possibilities: the most promising employees get education tuition, and a flexible holiday schedule. Achema even has a special annual event to honour and congratulate the graduates.

All Achema employees constantly develop qualification and get all the necessary work certificates at the expense of the company. Internal training, participation in various projects for qualification development ensures a continuous education process within the company. For that purpose Achema closely cooperates with Kaunas University of Technology and Jonava Polytechnic School.