Environmental Protection

In the field of environment protection,
AB “Achema” gradually follows international
conventions and agreements, the requirements
of the EU and national environmental legislation.

Responsible business

In all of its activities, AB “Achema” uses innovative means,
the best available production technologies and processes
that help to reduce the environmental impact, encourage the
rational management and use of resources, reduce the costs
and generated waste and plan the development in view of the
aspects of possible environmental...


Production of AB “Achema” consists of over 40
different products. The main raw-material used in 
the production of ammonia and fertilizers is natural 
gas. The production of other products includes 75 chemical 
substances and 18 auxiliary chemical substances not 
included in the composition of production.

2.22 million t annual fertilizer sales
76 % production is exported
1285 Company employees
40 different products

Exports and Logistics

Cargo handling and logistics chain - one of the biggest advantages of the company and a gateway to export markets. Safe, reliable, efficient transportation is one of the most important ingredients in fertilizer trade chain. The largest part of the production company brings the rolling stock to the unfrozen port of Klaipeda.