Health and Safety

Health and Safety

AB “Achema” pays particular attention to the aspects of occupational health and safety at workplaces and increase of responsibility of employees. The top level management is responsible for safe and healthy occupational environment, whereas the safety culture in the company is understood as an integral part of the organization’s culture. In addition to the establishment of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee in AB “Achema”, the health and safety reporters are also appointed in each unit (departments). They are specially trained and supervise the observance of the occupational requirements.

AB “Achema” has implemented occupational health and safety management system BS OHSAS 18001. Occupational health and safety management system is regularly improved and the necessary resources are allocated for the implementation of this policy. External audit has been carried out on 23-27 July 2018. No major or minor nonconformities comments have been recorded during the audit. The Company’s occupational safety and health management system meets the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001 standard.

Occupational safety is ensured and organized in the company and its branches not only pursuant to the laws, but also by annually revised Plan of Occupational Safety Preventive Means. The fields of activity indicated in this plan, the indicated risk factors, aims of occupational safety means, responsible persons and terms for the implementation of means, as well as controlling bodies.

In 2016, the report on Fertilizers Europe’s Product Stewardship Program was prepared in the company stipulating the main risks and dangers for the occupational health and safety in the process of production. Implementation of the conclusions of report ensures the application of additional means in this field.

All employees of the Company without any exception participate in occupational health and safety training program and all of them receive personal protection equipment.  Each year, intensive OHS preventive program is conducted which consisted of training, acquisition of skills and improvement, verification and control.

During 2018, two types of emergency preparedness trainings with and without the participation of special services were carried out in the company. 12 emergency preparedness trainings were carried out with special services and participation of emergency specialists and ambulance specialists. 16 drills without participation of special services took place in 11 units. In total, 176 drills were carried out in order to teach how to act according to the emergency preparedness plans of units.

The so called “tabletop exercise” takes place each year upon the participation of the representatives of the municipality. Functional emergency preparedness trainings with participation of not only municipality representatives, but also special services under the subordination of the municipality were last organized in July 2018. A specific situation from AB “Achema” emergency preparedness plan is tested during “tabletop exercise” and functional emergency preparedness trainings.

In order to ensure 24-hour medical assistance, medical unit of Achema Health Center operates in the company’s territory in order to ensure the necessary medical aid at any time of the day.

By taking care of the health of employees the employee performs the measurements of air pollution, noise, vibration, temperature, etc. according to the approved schedules and the heads of the units are responsible for the familiarization of the employees with the results. In case of detection of any deviations, the corrective actions are taken.